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Name Code Type
An Introduction to Science at Key Stages 1 and 2 KS101G Module
Anatomy and Physics MDM143 Module
Appreciating the Research Process in Midwifery MI501 Module
Art & Evidence of Midwifery MI506 Module
Aspire Community ASPIRE Subject
Becoming an Autonomous Midwife MI609 Module
Blended learning in Higher Education LT708 Module
BY136 Habitat Ecology BY136 Module
CA606 CA606 Module
Clinical Pharmacology HE731 Module
CN134 CN134 Module
CNM24 CNM24 Module
Communities, Engagement and Enterprise L1-CUPPCEE Module
Complex Midwifery Needs MI606 Module
Computing and Contemporary Developments EI505 Module
Contemporary Issues in Education EV509 Module
Core Mathematics 1 MM401H Module
Core Mathematics 2 MM402H Module
DB160 - Marketing Project DB160 Module
Developing a practice-based education research proposal KV733M Module
Developing Competent Midwifery Practice MI507 Module
Developing Proficient Midwifery Practice MI607 Module
Developing Proficient Midwifery Practice MI608 Module
E-tailing and Multi-Channel Retail RT501 Module
Early years course K2ERLYPROFSTAT Course
Early Years ITT K2-EYITT Course
Education K2 School
eLearning Services IS-ELEARNING Department
EM506 EM506 Module
Enquiring into Midwifery Practice MI601 Module
EP602 EP602 Module
Evaluating Therapeutic Occupations OT503 Module
Exploring Learning and Teaching in the Core Subjects 1 EP402 Module
FA266 - Personal Financial Planning FA266 Module
Falmer Library FMLEFALLIB Course
Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Microbiology PY254 Module
GG185 GG185 Module
GY274-373 GY274-373 Module
GY367 Landscape Geographies GY367 Module
HD620 HD620 Module
HS726 HS726 Module
HS727 HS727 Module
Indoor Environment and Building Services 1 BE134-BF128 Module
Introduction to Chemical Methodology CH118 Module
KC432 KC432 Module
KC440 KC440 Module
KL405 KL405 Module
KL502 KL502 Module
KL513 KL513 Module
KL602 KL602 Module
KL603 KL603 Module
KL605 KL605 Module
KL606 KL606 Module
KV406C KV406C Module
KV760 KV760 Module
KV765 KV765 Module
KY403 KY403 Module
KY410 KY410 Module
KY414 KY414 Module
KY416 KY416 Module
KY500 KY500 Module
Leading Learning (Secondary) EV609 Module
Leading Learning 1 (Primary) EV608 Module
Leading Learning in Practice and Higher Education HS728 Module
Literature and Art History LL533 Module
LN435 LN435 Module
LX453 LX453 Module
Making the Modern Home: Design, Domesticity and Discourse 1870 to the present HD627 Module
Management and Leadership in Education (2) KV717M Module
MDM145 MDM145 Module
MSc Rehab Science Cohort 2016 MSCREHAB2016 Module
MSc Rehab Science Cohort 2017 MSCREHAB2017 Module
MSK Podiatry 1 PP442 Module
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy PT424 Module
NA7130 NA7130 Module
NA7139 NA7139 Module
NA7140 NA7140 Module
NA7163 Infection Prevention and Control NA7163 Module
NAM55-NA6149 NAM55-NA6149 Module
NC638 NC638 Module
NC639A NC639A Module
Neurology & Endocrine Physiology PP445 Module
Occupational Therapy in Diverse Settings OT504 Module
Perspectives on Leadership KV614 Module
Perspectives on Photography HD410 Module
PQR123 PQR123 Module
Practising Rhetoric LL701 Module
PYM43 Health Promotion for Pharmacists PYM43 Module
SC644 SC644 Module
SciArt: Creative Collaborations EP604 Module
Science beyond the classroom ES606 Module
Scientific Basis of Midwifery Assessment MI508 Module
SR502 SR502 Module
SS610 SS610 Module
SS723 SS723 Module
SS747 SS747 Module
Subject Audit Development EE508 Module
TE711 TE711 Module
The Language Institute : English Coaching Paper 2016 Sept - Dec LI-ECPSEPT16 Module
The Nature and Learning of Mathematics EM609 Module
TtT EX504 Subject Audit Development PE EX504 Module
Understanding learners and learning EV508 Module
Understanding Learners and Learning 1 (Secondary) EV512 Module
Understanding the Curriculum EP506 Module
WK101 WK101 Module
WPX502 WPX502 Module
WPX503 WPX503 Module

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