This list relates to the year 2017/18 which ended on 31/07/2018
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  1. The nursery year in action: following children's interests through the year - Anna Ephgrave 2015

    Book Recommended An interesting approach

  2. Day One 2 items
    Today will be an introduction to the module and will then focus on the Integrated Review at Two Years
    1. Why the government's integrated review for two-year-olds is good news for families 11/12/2014

      Article Key Read this in preparation for the Session 2 on the Integrated Review at Two

    2. The integrated two-year check: a model of partnership working - Baldwin, S. et al Mar 2014

      Article Key Read this in preparation for the Session 2 on the Integrated Review at Two.

  3. Day Two and Three 12 items
    Readings about observation and assessment
    1. The role of the adult in early years settings - Janet Rose, Sue Rogers 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Key Chapter 5, 'The Observer' and Chapter 7, 'The Assessor' are particularly useful. This is set as HOMEWORK before Day 2

    2. Early childhood education - Tina Bruce 2015

      Book Key Read Chapter 11, 'Observation that informs assessment, planning and evaluation.

    3. Assessment and learning - John N. Gardner, Dawsonera 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Key

    4. Learning stories: constructing learner identities in early education - Wendy Lee, Margaret Carr 2012

      Book Recommended Chapter 2 'Why Story' and Chapter 7 'Reconceptualising Assessment' are particularly interesting.

  4. Life at Two - Attachments, key people & development.

    Audio-visual document Further We will watch clips from this in Session 1 and you may like to revisit it by clicking on this link.

  5. Life at two

    Document  This PDF are the notes that go with the DVD