This list relates to the year 2016/17 which ended on 31/07/2017
  1. Week One: What is Primary Education? 2 items
    This first week we start with an overview of primary education. I'd like you to read chapter one of the key book, Teaching & Learning..., which is available online, but do spend some time listening to the Radio 4 series 'Abacus to Circle Time'. Look through the notes for each resource, and decide what further reading interests you.
    1. Teaching and learning through reflective practice: a practical guide for positive action - Ghaye, Tony, Ghaye, Tony, Dawsonera 2011 (electronic resource)

      Book Key This is the key book for this week - in particular chapter nine. Consider, what is Ghaye's main points regarding the development of primary education since the 70s.

    2. What is creativity in science education? - J Johnson

      Chapter Key Please read this chapter ahead of our next seminar

  2. Week Two: Examples of outstanding teaching 3 items
    This week we'll be looking at examples of outstanding teaching. What makes teaching outstanding? The key resource is a video from Teachers TV - please make sure you view that, but also look around the further resources, clips, books, webpages, and decide what you feel is outstanding teaching.
    1. Developing outstanding teaching: Session 1 - Significant Progress: CM clip 1, Teachers TV Feb 22, 2011

      Audio-visual document Further A short clip from Teachers TV, highlighting examples of outstanding teaching practice in the primary classroom.

    2. Clip - Disruption in the classroom

      Audio-visual document Recommended Look at this short clip about disruption in the classroom. What influences the children involved? How do you think the situation was dealt with?

    3. Radio 4 Series - Abacus to Circle Time: A Short History of the Primary School

      Audio-visual document Recommended A three part radio series which covers the history and development of the primary school. Look to listen to all three parts, but in particular the discussion in part two regarding how primary schools developed in the 60s.

  3. Week Three: Influences outside the classroom 3 items
    This week we'll be looking at how external factors, for example socio-economic factors, parenting, technological factors, can influence what goes on inside the classroom. Key resource this week is an online report from Ofsted, which finds the effect of poverty on educational attainment.
    1. Ofsted early years report 2015 2015

      Document Key This report highlights one of the main issues surrounding early eyars education today...

    2. A Bit of a Curate's Egg? Three Decades of Official Thinking About the Quality of Schools - John Gray 03/1997

      Article Further An excellent overview of 30 years of discussion around quality of teaching.